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Everything about the series

Short summaries

Japanese Publication  Characters The Song's Lyrics
Covers all around the world Characters' names He sings


Short summaries : inside few lines summaries, if you don't want to know too much before reading each volume  (no spoiler or images)

Japanese Publication : At which volume is the series in Japan, plus links to scanlation for impatients , and explanations about prepublication system in Japan

Series' Characters : from the most important one to "who's that?" . Renovation coming soon

The Song's Lyrics : the song which gave is title to the series

 Covers all around the world : few examples of other editions of 20thCB

Characters' names : page made by Jipé : in the original version characters have name and nickname very differents from the french edition, discover differences between both

He sings : surprise revealed by our japanese friend Funji. He makes us discover something really cool and unusual , typical japaneses folks....  ;o)