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All allong the manga our friends tells us about tv shows, movies and mangas who rock their chilhood, here are some informations on them ^_^

 Le fils de Godzilla     Ultraman      Giant Robo

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Goszilla 's son :


 1967, produced by Toho

 Original title : Gojira no Musuko

Scientists are trying to create a machine to control the weather on a tropical island named Sogel. Of course there is a  huge failure and that involves the island in a radioactive tornado. Tornado which makes transfer a religious mante until a méga big sized, this one finds a giant egg, inside is the son of Godzilla, Minilla. To avoid that its offspring to be eaten Godzilla intervenes. Then you can sees him dealing with the education of his kid. Isn't very cute!! He's training him so that he can use his capacities and can become after him "the king of the monsters"


Giant Robo


1967  - 36 épisodes of 30 minutes

Original Title : Jianto Robo

 A young boy Johnny Sokko, sees his life changing completly. During a voyage in boat he becomes acquainted with a young man with whom it sympathizes. During the crossing the boat is attacked by one of the giant robots of the terrorist organization Gargoyle Gang. The two friends find themselves on an island, which as "by chance" is being the base of a scientist who built the best robot of all time. Fearing that his robot could fall between the hands from Gargoyle the scientist learns to the two friend how the robot can be controlled only by one person, that which will have recorded its voice in the controller. On a blow of head Johnny speaks inside and becomes the Master of the robot. Thanks to that, him and his friend escapes from the base. At this point in time the friend of Johnny is being an agent of Unicorn, the organization whose mission is to overcome Gargoyle Gang. Johnny is found then enlist in Unicorn, he's the essential element in the fight against the terrorists of Gargoyle, since he's the only one able to direct the robot.










 Original title : Urutoraman

It's the story of Hiyata, an officer of the Scientific Patrol,  he inquires into a continuation between two aliens. During his investigations he has an accident, the nice alien Ultraman decides to save it while spinning its capacities to him, and also superhuman force. Indeed the continuation between Ultraman and the other alien was only the beginning of the invasion of the Earth. The work of the Scientific Patrol is of course to face this extra terrestrial threat using sophisticated weapons. The problem is that these weapons are not really effective. Hyata then decides to use the Capsule Beta given by Ultraman, thanks to it he's transformed into gigantic super hero: Ultraman, which has enough power to defeat the unpleasant and bad aliens come to kill us all